Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hi, My name is Judy and I'm tired.......

Good gracious I'm tired! I know I whine about this allot, but hell, I am! I started at W D 1 month and 2 weeks ago and I started at 15 hours a week. That was part time to me. They then moved me to 20 hours and then 25 and then 30 and they started giving me more responsibilities, the Assistant Manager said she had applied for a different position and that I seemed best for her job, BUT, not to take her job until she had her new job.... Well, we then got a new Manager and that's where things are now getting difficult, NOT with the new Manager, but with the Assistant Manager. She ( Assistant Manager) had a click with the old one, they are buddies and even Bingo together. They are Friends and I respect that. But when it takes its tole at work, that's not a good thing. Well this woman who is Assistant Manager has resented the new Manager since the day she walked into the joint, I think it's because she has to PROVE she is a real Assistant Manager and not a tag along.The other day the Manager looked past her and said to me: you need to have this done and that done, and cook this and that cooked and you need to mark this down and that up and it was all things an Assistant Manager does not an Associate.... The Assistant Manager looked at me after the Manager walked away and said W T F, Who is she telling to do all this, me or You Judy . I'm the Assistant Manager, not you.... I didn't know quite how to answer this so I avoided the question....
Today, The Assistant Manager left work but before she did she was talking to me and said She wasn't getting the truck(new deli products waiting to come to the floor to be put into stock) The Manager could AFTER ALL she said IT IS her job...... Well she didn't realize the Manager heard her. So after she was gone the Manager came to me and said: Look, I don't have issues with you . I think you are a strong employee, with good work ethics. You have proven you are willing to do what I ask without bitching, She then said "I DO have a problem with --- . She has a rude awakening when I come back from vacation". I ended up doing the truck, because my Manager asked me to. I had never done it before but since she actually asked me to do it I did and she said I did fine . She told me what everyone needed to do before I come in tomorrow morning. I feel that her asking me to do the truck is a good step in the right direction! only Managers and Assistant Managers do that job. That's where it ended.
I know the Manager was upset because she had been getting ready for an inventory tomorrow. This was a mess because the other Manager and this Assistant Manager have not been doing their jobs and left it for this new Manager, which, I think is bull shit! I like the new Manager and I think she is good for our store.
I had never planned on anything but a part time job! Last week I got 35 hours and this week I have 37.5. My hours are up to a full time place, I get more hours than any other associate, even the ones that's been there a year or more.
I am ready if they place the Assistant Manager on my shoulders. I have been told it is in my future. I think I can handle it and I would get a raise but I also would get a ass chewing on a regular basis if I didn't do my job.....
So wish me luck and say a little diddy to whom ever ......
If my ass and back hold up I will be one lucky Girl!


Not a Granny said...

Luck Luck Luck being sent your way!!

It is really hard when you are put in the middle like that, though. Don't let them put you in the middle of a power struggle! Keep your wits about you!!

EllorionsAngel said...

Well Momma, Things look like they are moving up for you. Sounds like you are handling yourself very well to boot. =D WAY TO GO! Good Luck with the Asst. Manager job. Sounds like it is in the near future.
I love you.
I won't be home at normal time tomorrow. I will most likely stay late to make up for today.


fracas said...

You're fabulous Judy, and I'm sure you deserve it.


Tired goes away after awhile and insane kicks in.


Sugar Queens Dream said...

Not a Granny, Thank you, I always know I have a fan routing for me when I see you've been to visit!

Erin, I know you are always right there if I need to talk! I love you honey!

Fracas You're Fabulous too! In my case insane has always been just around the corner!

Hugs and Love to you all!