Thursday, September 20, 2007

I LOVE Christmas, How bout you?

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I love Christmas so much. I don't think I have a memory of a Christmas that was ever bad. I mean seriously,EVER! Christmas when I was young was magical, We would go to bed on Christmas Eve. with no tree, no gifts, just empty stockings hung on the mantle. We went to bed as the proverbial Night before Christmas story goes with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads..... but the next morning would be as joyess as the Christmas Story was when everyone some how got thier hearts desire and even the kids were very happy that their Father seemed pleasantly suprized. Even though Dear Father loved the tie he'd gotten,It was probably for the hundreth time He'd gotten the same thing. The Son got his Red Rider B B gun and even the little piggy was happy, This was the Brother whos Mom got him to eat by encouraging him to oink like a pig....) The Neighbors dogs ate their Christmas Turkey and off, as every perfect family would do, they go to the only place open to eat, A Chinese Diner. How lucky where they that the chef chops the heads off Peking Duck, all the while scaring the hell out of the Mother and really stokeing up the Boys Christmas......

Even thought I lived a horrid Childhood by some measures, I can't remember a bad Christmas. Life seemed perfect back then somehow, even with the evil things that went on. Now that I'm grown and life has changed so much in the world, I'm glad I have something possitive I remember about my youth.

Christmas Eve meant new silk Night gowns for us girls , the boys got pajamas and always from Sears. Christmas Morning would always mean a Huge Tree, Filled Stockings and toys every where. It was the best feeling ever. well that I remember from my Childhood. We lived a good part of my youth in Michigan and Georgia and while Michigan usually meant snow, Georgia was unpredictable, snow one year and maybe not the next...... The tree was always real and it had huge colored lights and old timey ornaments. I found some really cool Christmas Tree facts here at this site Christmas Trees & More.

Now when we were little, We would set cookies and milk out for Santa but we would also leave Carrots and Apple Cider for Rodolph and the other Reigndeer. It was always gone so I beleive Santa and the crew were very satisfied......I still have a soft spot for ole Santa in my heart and I sure hope he doesnt forget me and mine each year.

So, in Closing, I would love to hear some of your favorite Christmas Stories. I love thinking about the special Christmas Memories I have and can't imagine anyone not thinking the same as me. I'd like to say Merry Christmas to everyone, every day, all year long, Because wouldnt it be nice if Christmas day was every day............


Shinade said...

Beautiful post...just simply beautiful...Love the tree!! Hugs,Jackie

Not a Granny said...

This is wonderful, but story about Christmas would be so long, every one would leave. I will do a post on it and link back to you!

It has to do with why I still believe in Santa Claus!

It will be next week!!

Shinade said...

One candy cane awaits you at my site...I hope you like it okay...please if you want me to change anything...just tell me. Hugs, Jackie

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Shinade, Thank you that means allot coming from you!

Not a Granny, That would be great!
Thank You!

Shinade again, Thank You and I'll come visiting to pick it up!