Monday, September 03, 2007

It's all about the He said -She said Bull shi......

Hey I love the song "break stuff" by Limp Bizkit,
NOW, if your allergic to cussing ***DO NOT LISTEN***

I have to go to work this morning, so I'm getting ready for all the BS thats sure to happen! I can't say I'm excited to be there, but with a little attitude already, my day will go well. I am NOT a pushover and refuse to be treated like one anymore! It's only a matter of time and I might snap LOL LOL So I am trying to look at the situation with the work place as a funny one and I'm gonna laugh it off... I'll probably be getting my bakery position soon.They found out that wise guy girl, that lied about me bossing her around,is a liar and cant decorate cakes, But I also found out the reason they kept me at the deli is because I'm one of the managers strongest people! Ha! After 3 weeks and I'm a strong worker,I have never worked in a deli before and I wont for long if someone doesn't start playing nice soon. Wonder why they don't treat us with respect!!!
psst... I got told by the Bakery Manager that she put in a good word for me !!! So...Say prayers for me, cross every thing you have,Toss coins in wells, oceans and toilets (if you live away from water), Blow an eyelash, buy a rabbit foot and rub it for me,Hang a horse shoe upside down so it holds the good luck in! hang your mezzuzah, make sure you kiss it! Knock on wood.Do everything you can think of because I need my job but I don't want to be unhappy while I'm doing it!
You guys make it worth doing this blog because I get such nice comments!
I hope your day rocks!!!!



Not a Granny said...

I am sending good thoughts your way. I will even go into my local branch of your store, go to the deli section and send more good vibes your way!!

Shinade said...

Prayer said and even got my legs crossed...good luck hun...and, I hope things get better soon. I am sorry I haven't been in I am sneaking around now as pam is sleeping...she leaves today and then I will be back to normal....hang in there and don't take their crap!!! Love ya'Jackie

EllorionsAngel said...

I will cross everything on the you know whats. Good Luck and I will pray for you as well. I love you! I hope your day is that as bad as they have been.
Keep Your Head Up! Good things come to good people!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Not a Granny, Thank You, It's even more sweet since you are actually going to go to a WD and send happy thoughts! Very Very sweet are you sure your NOT A GRANNY!

Shinade, Thanks , I understand how visiting Daughters are, course my Daughter didn't get to come, poor thing, She was missed!

Queen JR, Thanks I'm happy thinking with those "you know whats" of yours crossed, I will have it all covered LOL LOL!
We ALL missed you guys this weekend! Cant wait for your upcoming visit!
Love Mom


Hayley said...

Have crossed everything so hope you knock em bandy.
Am leaving my job this friday and am due to start college course to help with my creative writing ambition. So could you send some luck my way too. Appreciated, talk soon.