Monday, September 24, 2007

You make me smile award

I got another "You make me smile" award this morning.... It came this time from, Jackie at The Painted Veil. Jackie or "Shinade" as she goes by in her Blog, is what I consider a True Friend. She often makes me smile and I reckon we could pass the little award back and forth all day long. I am always touched by Jackie's compassion and warmth. She is a 100 % red blooded American and proud of it. She leads by example and is always first if you are in need. Often the Blogosphere can be a harsh and cold place with many uncertainties in it, but, just knowing there is a Jackie in it, lets me know, that there are really great human beings still left here. Jackie never asks much, if, anything of the people she so generously gives to. If I had an award for her is would be called "The biggest heart" award and I would place it upon Jackie's shoulders, because I have found that she indeed, has, "The Biggest heart" in a Friend, a person could ask for...... It seems to me Jackie is always giving people beautiful pictures, so I went over and "gently took" a few of her pictures so that I could give her a little of the happiness she so unselfishly gives to us.
So Jackie these are for you.....

Here are a few I found for you....




In ending I would like to say to Jackie: Thanks for always leading the way, Shining your brilliant light and offering your Friendship as a gift of love.....


Shinade said...

Oh Jusy you made me cry.....I love you my dear friend so much and everything you said about me is true right back at you!!Big,Big hus~jackie

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Why, Because you are a wonderful and thoughtful friend, It is I who should be crying for even having made you think I didn't love and care about you. I think you are tops Jackie!
Hugs to you!