Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I hate, yes, I said hate, my JOB!

The things I could tell you about the grocery store industry, well the deli in my grocery store......
I had such high hopes when I started working there but those were quickly extinguished.
I am also sick, so that doesn't help, but still, I hate my JOB!
It didn't take time for me to realize, I am making shit for wages and killing myself in the process. Why, I ask myself....
Do you really want to know the answer?
The answer is plain and simple, Dollar bills....
I think to take care of our wants and needs, we sell out to money and big corporate hooha's that don't give a flip about us, we are like cattle waiting for slaughter....
We do our job and wait for the feed they will give us and go back and do it again, until they are finished with us, They then rid themselves of us just before we can gain anything....
I am not good at playing head games , I am real and I have a temper so If my boss talks down to me on the wrong day again, I don't give a crap who hears or watches and I may even sell tickets, I am gonna let her have it!
She has pissed me off for the last time, period.....
Sorry just a rant~~
I would like to ask this:
Do you like your job?
How many of you are satisfied with your wages?
What would you do, if you could, to change your job?
How many of you are like me, working just to live, NOT living to work?
Whats your dream job?
Hugs ....
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debey said...

In my lifetime i have had many jobs..I planted trees for conservaton District.
potaoe harvester (ride machine pulled by tractor)
greenhouse lady/melon/pumpkin planter/hoe-er(yeah, that's a tricky position!) picker/seller
pokeman ''card maker''/packager(PBM Packaging, Howard Sd. only place in the world(@ that time to make pokemon trading cards) in 12 languages!...........
Custodian for a church.....
packing plant production line worker....boned beef, packaged/boxed pork
home health care provider
worked 8 years at an instiution for severly/profoundly retarded people, as well as nurses aide in nursing home(I was 15 yrs old, the pay was $2,02 per hour...got me thru high school)
waitress, dishwasher, bartender\
oh. did i mention picked/packaged eggs in a chicken confinement?
raised pigs and sheep on ''our farm''(DH claims the cattle)...i'm thinkin that's pretty much the entire list. Which do I enjoy??
The ones where I get PAID!, to PLAY in the DIRT.......it's always been my PASSION!

Shinade said...

I have always had pretty crappy jobs as well. But my daughter Pamela is living my dream job. I would love to be a college professor and teach. My secong choice would be to be a computer programmer....I would love to be a techy. So sorry to hear that this is not working out for you....you are too sweet to go through this stuff. Maybe something else will come along. Keeping you in my thoughts!!

nursemyra said...

I love my job! I've only been working with crazy people for five years and it's the first job I've ever had that I've liked.

the pay isn't all that great but at least I'm having a good time. hope you find something you like real soon.

or maybe you might win the lottery :-)

I'll send you a bit of luck by fuelling your blog now