Sunday, November 04, 2007

The boy that lived in the spare room has......

Left the building......
I knew when having my first children, at some point, along the way, that there was gonna be hell to pay, I just didn't know, that it would happen 18 years after the baby was born. Oct 3RD He became a legal adult, I think he may have been secretly counting down the days in his room while chatting to the snobby girl friend he has. That's another clue I missed, the new and wound up version of a little snotty bitch, who is way to in love with herself, to notice us.... She hasn't said 2 words to me in the 4-6 months The Kid has dated her. I can understand why she hasn't said anything the Father, he's a grumpy ass at best . BUT me, I am soft and fluffy and sweet and kind, ask my other kids, they will tell you. I had feelings that this one was from some other planet and that she was waiting for us to look the other way so that she could cast a spell on him, and she did, the bitch! He started playing the Adult card with us as soon as 12AM, 3 of October rolled over on the clock.... And me, being me, I just hit the snooze button. He has been staying gone more and more and seems to think we are tyrants at best, He suddenly thinks we have been miserable parents. He says we have made him ditch ALL of his other Girlfriends and this time He's gonna put his foot down!(The trouble with this theory of his, is that if he would of kept his "little will" in his pants the other girls might of lasted!, I always told him think with your big head not your small one, Of course this is all to gross for me as a Mother to think of, so the Fajah had to handle it) See folks, my Darling Son is a typical male, a whore dog, that loves doing what ever with these modern day hussies.... So go pork another one Son, BUT do NOT come home when the shit hits the fan because, Your Father and I got over it long ago!
Oh well, I had to get that out of my system, Poor Georg is in the corner sobbing and I am having to hold the fort down, God knows how we'll do it without the know it all adult that stomped out last night.....(of course he isn't he's out back shootin fire works off for the empty nest party~~)
Well we still have the other 3 here but they will be gone soon enough, Let the party begin!
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EllorionsAngel said...

Aww Momma!

I still love you and my other half does too!
You are the best. He will be back before you know it! He doesn't know what it is like to live on your own and have the responsibility's of an adult. When he sees them he will be crawling back to you guys.
I love you!

Love Queen Jr

fracas said...

Judy.. kids moving out is hard. Kids having mates you don't like is even harder.

I understand... been there, both times.

Hugs to you. It will be ok. Sometimes we just have to suffer it out.


Shinade said...

I have to ditto with Fracas. My goodness yesterday was Tammy's 34th birthday and I am still dealing with her being with a mate that none of us can stand.

But as all things...this too shall pass!

Sending you big,big, hugs,

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Fracas, I know I have to learn to accept things I can not change,BUT, can't I change everything!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Shinade, I feel I donate enough in the learning to live with a child's mate I don't like, I let Robert live here and the only reason, He's Miss Bella's Father...