Friday, November 30, 2007

Imperfection becomes perfection.....

Imperfection becomes perfection..... What exactly does that mean, I will tell you what I think for me it means. I was sitting last night working on my tree, it's my latest obsession. Bella was on the floor scooting around and getting into everything, as she usually does, All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I felt the flash of a camera. At that precise moment, we were making a memory, She holding her red ornament and me looking at the tree, fussing that it be perfect. I felt this warmth come over me, like I had just done something with her, that would last a lifetime for me. I knew, I had no bra on, my teeth were not in my mouth and I looked plain fat, BUT, in that one flash, I felt everything around us, WAS perfect. I looked like the perfect Grandma, with perky Ta Ta's and teeth too and Bella's eye wasn't all red and swollen, But when I saw the picture, I knew I was right, the seemingly perfect picture had not occurred, I did look like I had no teeth in and yes indeedy, gravity had taken over after all these years, oh yes and even though I have lost 88 pounds, I need to lose 88 more, but you know what? At that one perfect moment in time, locked in by a camera, Imperfection had become perfection......
This search for the perfect picture made me wonder, how many photos have you taken where you can remember back to the exact time the picture was taken? Most of our memories are locked in our minds as an ideal situation. Do you [not] show people some of the pictures you think show off the bad stuff, or do you see what you felt when the picture was taken? I felt that last night, while the Christmas songs were playing, my mind was wandering back in time to Christmas's past and how much I loved and love Christmas and how none of them, can I remember a bad time, and at times all things are not perfect, but while Bella was happy, I was happy, life was and is perfect for us this year. We have so much to thank [our] God for. We have been given so many gifts of pure love. If I were to die tomorrow, I hope I will still have my mind, so that I can reflect on the good times of my life, the times when imperfection has become perfection.....
Peace and :
Merry Christmas!


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oh are so friggin' sweet I can barely stand it! And you look perfect the way you are. I mean that from the bottom of my cups.
That picture of Bella is priceless. And your tree is beautiful. I hope you are having a TERRIFIC day! :)

Monday Morning Power said...

Great sentiment, beautiful tree, cute kid, interesting tattoos....???

Merry Christmas!!

Monday Morning Power said...

I should be severely chastised for not bestowing on you the most obvious of awards. 30 lashes and don't hold back. Follow the link and claim your prize.

John C said...

I've been away also, handling so many things. I got to Bella's picture and wondered "Why is her eye so red...must have gotten some snow from a decora...OMG!!!!"

I cried for about two minutes hon. I am so happy for her!

Merry Christmas girl. I'm still watery eyed for her so very much. Blessings.

Erin said...

You are Beautiful even with imperfections! I love you!
My poor Little Bellabee! Give you hugs and kisses from her Aunt Erin please!

Your tree looks beautiful Mom!

Christy said...

Another one of your posts that has me in tears! Very well said. Your tree is gorgeous, and I think the pictures capture the perfect moment, a moment of happiness and love. "still crying".


It's funny that you didn't think I had kids...I have a whole bunch of them! :)

70steen said...

SQ you are a beautiful, warm person and Bella is a delight ... so don't get mithered about the pounds you wish to shed just enjoy :)

Divalicious said...

You're awesome! Bella is soooo friggin cute! You make me all giddy and happy on a Monday morning (and every other morning!!)


PS, watch your tree... no kiddin

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Pictures really are a portal and a window into the past, especially Christmas photos.
I remember mother making us take one picture after another, and complaining all the while. I am so glad to have them now. You are so right about "capturing a moment". The best times and memories relived.
I see this special picture as you do. It will be forever conected to this wonderful day.

Great post, great tree, great picture!

Happy Hollidays from Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"

Johann The Dog said...

It's what's in your heart and soul that matters...that's what I keep tellin' my Mum. She's starting to believe me! Beautiful tree, thanks for stopping by and we wish you a very happy holiday!

Woofs, Johann