Monday, November 19, 2007

SpeedCat Hollydale award....

I received The Speedy Hollydale award from Olga The Traveling Bra.
I am the type person who likes to know the Blogger behind the award, so I went investigating and this is what I found out:

Speedcat Hollywood Awards

Alright, everyone has made one of these awards. I feel left out, and need to join my peers in the "You are Cool" passed on bonanza of love and kindness. This award is meant for the people that comment even when your post is dumb. They support you when your blog is all memed up, and when the chips are down. They stop by rain or shine, and prove that we can really be a community of interaction. Viva Los Hollydale!

The list of BIG winners are: Julie's Blog ,Mighty Morgan ,R Playground! , Deep in the Forest ,Drowsey Monkey ,Misc. Ramblings or whatever Robert's blog is named on a given day... ,Blue Izzy ,Blog Elf ,Jesse blogs it all, Auntie Dar

You do not have to post this award, but if you do, you will be free of guilt. Now go out there and stir up the pot!

Olga let me know, that only a few people received the Award, so it's special! Let me tell you , her handing it out to me was just plain sweet, and totally unexpected! She is a sweet Bra, that Olga.
I first found her roaming the Blogosphere and since I did, I haven't stopped visiting. It simple I'm in friendship love with a Bra LOL LOL, well if thats possible LOL!
None the less, I feel this is an award I just have to pass out to at least a few nice people who always comment NO MATTER how dumb I am LOL

Fracas- The reason I'm handing this to Fracas is this: Fracas has been with me since almost the very first breath of my Blog, She commented when I thought no one even knew I was alive, LOL
You are a really dedicated Fracas or your demented, one or the other I heart ya though!... Thank You Fracas!

Auntie Dar, That girl will comment on anything I write ,LOL. I think she is a stalker or something, NA, she's just a true blue BFF! I heart you too Auntie Dar!

I would also like to give this to Jackie at The Painted Veil . Jackie is having some technical issues right now with her heart and Blogging, BUT I'm sure she will prove all of us right and get her buns BACK to making the world spin again with the loving manner in which she Blogs....

So there Olga! I did it Bra Friend. I gave a little love back for you being the wonderful cups you are!
Heres hoping you get fur lined cups soon, It's winter ya know....



Speedcat Hollydale said...

As with most anything I do, there is an "air" of sillyness about this award. The true intention of it though, was to honor the real friends that stop in just because... They are the people that make you feel happy that you started blogging. They stay in contact with you because of a mutual admiration, and have a special place in your heart.

Congratulations to you! (..and I also love your blog :-)


John C said...

Congrats, woman. :)

I...uh...never thought you posted dumb...but if you did, does that mean I'm dumber for not realizing it? lol

darlene said...

oh i am definatly a stalker!!,,,hee hee!!
thanks!...i am way ahead of you girly!!...posted this one days ago!!....lmao!!
i love Eric!!

Skittles said...

That was certainly a post filled with linky love!

You won the caption contest. You can see your prize at my blog. :)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Speedy, Thank God for funny people they make it worth getting up some days.... Thanks for the comments..
Peace babe~

Sugar Queens Dream said...

John C - I heart you just because!
Hugs sweety pea...

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Auntie Dar, I knew it!
Hugs baby doll and have fun in the U S of A

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Skittles did I say how much I heart you today, if not WELLLL I heart you......

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Thanks for making me grin - cup to cup! :)

John C said...

Sweety pea brings to mind little jars of baby food. They still don't taste good to this day.

...did I just say that?

fracas said...

Oh my! This just showed up in my trackbacks today... (grr to that google thing that messes with my trackbacks every so often)

Thank you Judy. I stuck with you 'cause you're sugary and sweet and heck.. who wouldn't stick around?

I might also be a little demented... but it's sure not the reason I've been a Judy fan for so long.