Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm slipping...

It's funny, when I write about my life, the drama queen way,I get so much traffic it's crazy.... But as soon as I start to turn my blog into a charity blog for a few days, the traffic almost ends, NOW I'm not talking about the people who know and love me, No, I'm talking about the new visitors..... I guess people don't like to read the sappy, but real stories of my Charity work.
It's OK, I forgive you...... I am really starting to rethink the blogging thing anyways... Do you really care about what I do in my spare time..... Ah, I'll save that quandary for another day....
My Dear, Sweet Husband is arriving tomorrow, I can't wait. I feel like a wounded bird these days. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the work I have laid out in front of me.... It started this year with a really bad flu and lung infection and has kept going down hill since. I'm hoping that seeing my Sweetheart will help.
I'm sorry I can't keep up with FMB, I love it. I like the votes I once got, but even those have faded since I had the issue with my lungs... I used to fuel 37 people every day, most didn't fuel me, but that wasn't the point. The few that did fuel me back have mostly stopped now.
I just did a up and coming Meme about New years resolutions, I am determined to keep them. The Meme should be posted soon, I think they are working out the kinks.

I'm not gonna be around much over the holidays, I have family coming up ....
I sure hope YOU have the Merriest of Christmas's and the Happiest of New Years!


Bird On A Wire said...

You're a blessing! Good Work!
Bird On A

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Wishing you and your family a very blessed and wonderful holiday.
Glad to hear that your husband will be there!!!


Hayley said...

Have a great Christmas and New Year Sugar Queen.


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I popped over to wish you a VERY MERRY Christmas Sugar! With a cherry on top!

fracas said...

Judy.. I've been away from the computer for nearly a week, with no time at all to do much of anything.

About the hits to your blog.. it's the key words. "Naughty" words bring more traffic than nice words. It's just a fact of the internet. Don't fret.

About fuelmyblog...

I have 91 people on my fuelroll. Until a little while ago, I tried to fuel them every day. It's hard. For the month of October, I set aside one hour every day and did fuel every person on my list (about 70-80 then). Most people aren't logging in there that often and so you don't get a vote each day from them. To get 20-30 votes a day to win the contest was darn hard work. I treated it like a job and made time each day. It's hard to do that continually, so now I (other than Christmas week) try to do a third or a half of the list each day which means people don't get a vote from me every day.

The votes are nice but people do understand that it's hard to keep up. I will still keep voting for you when I vote... and I never stop thinking about you. When I was making my holiday cookies, I was thinking about your photos of your cookies. I wondered how on earth you had time for everything.

So not to fear. I never forgot about you last year, and still don't. You are a Queen. And not just of the sugar.


kbguy said...

I have updated my blog. Come and visit me..
Anyway, I like ur blog too, esp the design. Happy New year Sugar..

and my other blogs at:

Sugar Queens Dream said...

TO EVERYONE! thank you for all the time you take to come in and comment!
Hugs Judy

Christy said...

Don't feel bad Judy, Coffee Breaks traffic was cut in half after I started blogging about charity.

What I'm doing now is writing charity posts and then throwing up spicier posts so when the people come to read those, hopefully they'll stop to read the charity ones as well. Will it work? Who knows, but it's worth a shot.

I like to read whatever you're writing! :)And most of all I love the pictures!