Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's a little white lie, between golfers I mean.....

If you watch a game, that's fun. If you play it, that's recreation. But if you work at it, that's golf.-- -Bob Hope

I was sitting down to write this, this morning when I thought I had a visitor, well a mouse... So anyway I got down on the floor, trust me that was not a good thing to do if you haven't had your "be able to move around like a normal person medication" yet. I sorta kinda got stuck.... I found out there was nothing down there, I hinged on staying there for the day or two, or at least until someone came along and saved me. What I actually did: I pretended like I was a kid learning to stand up again, isn't that pitiful........ Yes there was all of *** pound me trying to get off the floor. Hey I have lost almost 80 pounds so far, so I do feel good about my weight now.
So yesterday Georg and I went to play golf.... Simple enough you might say but first... well let me rewind....
Georg and I got up yesterday to 38 degrees and for Florida that's cold, Brr.... This is what he had to put under his work clothes to be warm.... OMG! That's all I have to say about that~~
This was our Golf cart, oh and the guy (my Georg) I rode with.... He says he looks fat in this picture but hey, I love that belly~~( look at the picture below- his rear is what looks fat, LOL, and it's NOT, so pictures don't always do us justice! )The First hole tee off, I think that's how you say it....
He made par here.
Little did we know that the 2 chaps in the photo here would be a source of irritation all day.
The one in white/cream looked like he would fall over every time he drove his ball, and could only hit the ball about 75 yards each time, (Georg can drive the ball 274 yards at a time and is a really good golfer for never playing the game until a year ago.) They were slow and refused to let us play through.... *so rude* The other Man turned out to have a angry little monkey on his shoulder and would throw his golf club every time he messed up. Now Georg tells me that isn't that uncommon in golfing, but boy I sure got annoyed when he did it, he must have been 70 years old and had the hottest temper I ever saw in an older gentleman. Of course we were backed up all day and had to wait each time for the 2 in front of us.While we were waiting we went searching for lost balls. Wow was that fun. I'm serious, there's something about wading through saw grass up to your throat, never knowing what lies underneath, looking for other golfers balls- that just sends me~~ We found 12 lost balls, psst I think they have babies out there in the wild green yonder...
Of course as with any self played sport, you have to lie and cheat just a bit...well you do~
Golf carts have come a long way babe....They have GPS on them and little computers that allow you to order drinks and food while your on the course. It's true, I ordered a Bloody Mary and a chicken finger basket... The little screen thing even lets you know where the people ahead of and behind you are. You also have an automated score card, what a hoot!
I had the most fun driving the cart and discovered the cart doesn't tip over if you cant find the brake while turning the corner. I also discovered if you are in a place you are not allowed, a flashing message and sound will let you know by sending this message : THIS IS A RESTRICTED AREA, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY OR SOMEONE WILL ASSIST YOU! I, of course pushed the go pedal and we left....*blink blink*
Georg is wonderful at the teeing off and driving the ball down the course, while I am a very good putter. Once I get on the green, I am a wild woman with a putter, well at least I think I am...(putt putt golf is to die for!) I don't golf full courses though because if I made that sudden swift twist with my back I would need a call to 911 for an ambulance, fast! Trust me on this, it's very true.
I was very amused at the little old blue hairs and the clubs pros, they were smiling and acting like they were totally incapable of hitting that little white or pink( it could be pink, I swear) ball. Hot to trot little old blue haired ladies with their drinky poos are just too much.
I did find a cute little friend, he was peeking out asking if all the stick carriers and ball slapper's were gone.... I thought he was so divine and absolutely sweet.
All in all I had a really great time and will go again if I'm asked.
Have a great day everyone and as always ...
Everyone needs a little sugar~~


Rybu said...

Must be nice to be able to golf year round. Yesterday it got UP to 38 degrees here in Michigan. Downright balmy.

Shinade said...

Judy this is absolutely one of the best posts that I have ever seen.

And, after my little 45 min. scare me to death...run for the hills...episode...I really needed this.

I love you:):):)

Tell Georg Hi:)

Christy said...

I'm a miniature golfer, does that count?...ummm..probably not, lol.

I just had to pop over and tell you about this most awesome charity, Kiva.org. I think you'd love it! Here's the post URL:


Hope you're having a great day:)

And Shinade..I don't know why you were running for the hills but I hope everything is OK. Hugs.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Rybu,It IS!
Jackie, Thank You, I did this just so YOU would smile... :-) and of course you over there and oh yes you too.... Hugs and sugar to everyone~~

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Now where are all the pictures of Sugar golfing?!?!?!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I wasn't allowed out of the cart LOL I didn't have a collar on..... Next time..

Not a Granny said...

This is excellent. I can't belive hubby let you post the picture of him in his "underwear" hee hee

I have never been able to get into golf. Even the put put stuff. But I could totally get into ordering the drinks in the cart!

Want me to drive next time???

Anonymous said...

Your posts are cool because they always make me feel as if we sat down in person for a chat and some goodies to eat. I LOVE the graphics and illustrations you use. Very creative Sugar! :-) P.S. Georg is cute and WOOO HOO on the 80 lbs loss. I need to get some inspiration from you for my weight loss efforts.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I lurve golf but haven't been able to play for ages ........oh well. Very good way to get some R&R.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Collar?!? Good Lord Woman! What's next - a leash?!?