Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It ain't all about the Cookin'!

No, we don't keep our kids in a cage down south, Sometimes they just land there purely by their own devices!! [Miss B has been trying to get into this cage since she learned to crawl, I forgot to latch it and off she ran and into the cage she landed!]
Tell me this isn't cute and I'll know you don't have little Children in your life!

Some of you know me as the down home girl who struggles inside with life's many issues and some of you know me as the funny girl who always seems to land on top, and even more of you know me as the Sugar Queen, the girl who tries more often than not, to spread love and sugar throughout the Blogging world, I'm somewhere close to the middle most days and that can sometime make me seem nuts. I have had some health issues lately that are taking me down a notch or 2 and sometimes I don't get into visit as much as I'd like to. So don't worry, It isn't you or me it's life!
Since My Cousin died so tragically of lung Cancer[ by the time she passed she had cancer everywhere just about] last week, I have been doing allot of soul searching lately and come up with some answers, Of course I will reveal them to you as time permits!
I have been worrying about my own demise, and of course there is my health, Georg being away from home and now the possibility that he will be going away to Dominican Republic, for gosh knows how long, let me tell you, all that takes a lot of time and energy, worrying..... Why, I'm tired just from thinking!
I went for a Blood Pressure check this morning, it was 140/64, of course when I checked it just 45 minutes later at Wal-Mart it was 156/96 again.... I don't fully understand that....

So on to funner things~~

One of the things I've been doing a lot of is reading, I used to read a book every 2 days when I was young and it took me places I had only dreamed of, I guess that's how it's s'pose to be really.
One of the many books I've dove into lately is "It ain't all about the cookin' " By that wonderful Southern Bell, Paula Deen. I must admit that before I read this book, I had grown tired of her growing southern twang and her shameful addiction to butter and her mispronounced words, it seemed to much of an act to me, but then who am I to judge. Well all that was until I read her book....
What a fighter she turns out to be and an awesomely real person! the first page she admits to her readers that she smokes and that shes tried to quit and failed, so much like the rest of us non quitters! She also admits that she uses not so lady like language, Ha! Just like me~~ And the best part is she doesn't apologise or make excuses, shes real and she hopes y'all will accept her just as she is, of course if y'all can't well then in the famous words of Flo on the old television sitcom "Y'all can kiss my grits"
She suffered from agoraphobia, fear of going outside, driving, death, etc. I have a friend who suffers from this and I swear to you, I really blew it off as something not very serious at all. I was so wrong and when I read Ms. Paula Deen's description of it, I finally understood what my Friend felt like! It's pretty bad when you have to read a book by a pretty famous person to understand something about a friend you've had for 9 years! I feel pretty bad about that.....
Any way I have a new found respect for Paula Deen and I really loved her book! Her life is a really amazing story.

I'm learning that just as Paula Deen says....
"It ain't all about the cookin, sometimes it's all about the sugar......."


Shinade said...

Oh my Miss B must feel very proud indeed. She finally made it!!

That is just too too cute!!!

I don't know what to say about your inner struggles. I do understand them. I went through the same type thing when my mother passed away.

It was truly the first time it really dawned on me that we all do actually die. Until then It wasn't really something I thought about much.

Eventually I did come to grips with it though. I have accepted the fact that any minute could be my turn. So the worrying did go away. But, it took quite a while!!

AS for Wal Mart and your blood pressure...boy, do I ever understand that one. I had a major panic attack one day when Pam and I were in there. I almost fainted, broke out in a sweat, got flushed, people had to help me to a seat and wanted to call an ambulance.

Let's face it a crowded Wal Mart can be a nightmare for anyone.

Hey try Paula's fried chicken. The tobasco sauce is just the right touch. It turns out soooooooo good.

Sorry I am so late getting by but we just now started moving and I got a signal.

But, it's mighty bumpy...so please excuse any typos.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Judy. I know you are having a tough time now right now.
Hugs and Love to you and missB:-)))

Daddy Papersurfer said...

That is cute ..... and curiously satisfying - tee hee. I know you're having health issues so *hugs* obviously and avoid shopping! ...it always sends my blood pressure through the roof!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Bella is so darn CUTE! Look at that face!!! Awwwwww....
Take care Sugar...we NEED you!