Sunday, June 08, 2008

Updates and thoughts of you, my friends....

Breast cancer is still killing women everywhere, If you can get a mammogram or help give one to somebody who can't afford it by clicking the button above and doing what you can to help save the boobies!

Ok so do you see the pictures above???? You know you wanna cop a feel and save your life!

OK I went to the Doctor... I have been put on meds for High BP and a few other things. I have to have a CT Scan of my brain, I'm not sure but they said it should be there... maybe. They are looking for a reason for the symptoms I'm having, figures they'd look there where I don't half a chance of passing any tests.... Really! Until then I'm not 'Spose to be on the computer much, so until I feel better I won't be on much... probably....

She's such a serious little girl this one.... Miss B of course!

Jackie, Thanks! You are at the top of my charts any day! I also feel you are one X-Xtraordinary Gal too! Now I don't know where this award came from before Jackie's friend got it and I'm NOT lookin, so bite me!

I'll end this short lil ditty by sending Love and Sugar to each and every one of you!!

now go feel some Boobies!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Your wish is my command - tee hee

[take it easy Sugar - *hugs*]

Shinade said...

Oh I wish I knew why I can't get any dang buttons.

I have been to that site over and over. I registered and everything and they won't send me my button or my ribbon!!

I like your button....of course you would pick one that is funny.

Don't be too worried Jude....I went through the same thing plus a visit to a Neuro-Psychologist. And they only detected some minor brain damage to the left side.

You just take care and let us all know how you are doing. We will all be here for you!!