Sunday, June 01, 2008

Oh happy Sunday!

My word how time sometimes drags on! It has been a long 2 weeks since I last saw my Georg and our Son William. They are coming home this evening for 3 days and I am so happy I could burst! I miss my Sweetheart sometimes so bad I could cry, but I have always been a Wife who understood what sacrifices it takes when your Husband is at the top of his game. This next trip out will be a week and then he will be home for awhile! At least thats the plan!

I have a Doctors visit Monday, wish me luck... I have things to talk about with my Doctor and some are not good. I will worry later!
I figured that if I have to stop eating all the bad foods and such, I would have one last fling with a steak so here's my picture:My little Bella will be so happy to see her Grampy!
This next picture is my Dachshund. His name is Sherman/BEC. He's so bad but he's so cute!

I hope you all have the best Sunday and until we meet again:
Lots of Sugar to you ....


Shinade said...

Oh Happy Sunday is correct. I KNOW how good it feels when your hubby is headed home.

The steak looks yummy!! We are still extremely lazy today. So we just made some hot dogs in the truck.

Awwwwwww.....I simply can't believe he could bad....he's sooooo soooo cute!!

And well MS. B. always steals the show!!

Now I am headed up top to take a lazy Sunday nap with Walter.

Yuck...tomorrow we hit California. Walter calls it our communist state...LOL!!!

They are so strict and mean to all of the big trucks. I will try my best Judy to grab you some good shots.

But, CA. is always usually so smog filled and hazed over that I may not get any.

Big Hugs to you and kisses for MS. B. from me and Walter!!:-)

darlene said...

hi glad your boys are back for nice...yur hubby is sooo cute...
hope things go well at the docs for you...and that Bella is omg the sweetest!!...
that steak looks oh so yummy!!.....yet could eat Sherman up, he is so know me ....animals 1st!! he is so bad!!....hee hee

Shinade said...

Okay it's Tuesday already and no new post.

Just what are you two up to anyway...tee hee!!

I hope you are having a grand time...I just know you are!!

Bobby said...

Hi Judy! I apologize for not visiting much lately. I am getting back on track though:)

I certainly hope everything is ok with you - I hope your doctor visit is a good one. Have a wonderful week:)

Shinade said... must really be having a good week.

I hope all went well with your DR.

AnyHoo I have something for you when you come out.