Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay torments Florida for fifth straight day in a row!

First of all this is a Tropical Storm NOT a Hurricane....
Tropical storm Fay has shown herself to be very undecided! She has landed 3 times here in Florida and it is expected she will land 2 more times before she's finished. This is a true lesson that a storm doesn't need to be a strong storm to be bad.There are 2 more storms behind her that have not been named yet, pray that we don't feel the threat from them.
I'm showing you some videos and pictures of places around us that have been visited by Fay! We are now feeling the full force of this storm, it's pouring rain and is expected to continue into tomorrow. Wind gusts are up to 60 MPH. We have not had it too bad for the most part,But others have had it worse!
As I write this, my Son Will has been called into work to safe cranes and such, please think of him as he does the work behind the scenes that others do not think about.

Melbourne, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

South Florida

Key West, Florida

Vero Beach, Florida

Melbourne, Florida

Lehigh Acres, Florida
Whoops how did she get into here....

It seems when a smaller storm comes in so many don't trust what the weather folks say and just stay inside,they have to go out and see for themselves!
Here's a little video I made~
As I always do, I send you loads of Sugar and Sweetness.... Sugar Queen's Dream


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've been hearing about this from JohnC - very dramatic. Now, you and yours keep safe .......

Anonymous said...

Hey beautiful girl! I've been reading but have had trouble commenting in blogger for a bit. I hope you guys stay safe. Those videos are wild!!

Oh, P.S. I was making a list of the five people that got the Polliwog Award and I can't remember the date I awarded it to you or if you did a post about it. I'm a goof. So if you remember could you let me know?

Big love to you my sugar queen.


Pauline said...

Hiya girl!! Wow you guys sure get some mean storms over there eh? Take care of all your lot and yourself matey..nice to find ya again and read all about you. Its fun.