Monday, February 09, 2009

Smooth away or not?

From the desk of Sugar Queen!

First I would like to say : Thank You Fuel My Blog for giving me this opportunity, You guys are such sweet people who always keep us Bloggers well taken care of, informed and offer some of the most rewarding experiences that I, for one, have ever had on the Internet!
I would also like to thank Smooth Away for the use of their product....
Here we go:
A review of the product Smooth Away.....
I was all giddy inside when I saw the package, Oh what could it be, I asked myself. I had forgotten I had offered to test a new product over at FMB. When I opened the package I must admit I said:Oh My God, SAND PAPER! (I thought it was a waxing product) I read the pamphlet that came with the product and they assured me it wasn't ordinary sand paper but, Super fine Crystals. Here is a FAQ on the product, taken from their website. I read the instructions first and I noticed it said: Warning if you have Sugar Diabetes DON'T use this product.... I have type 2 Sugar Diabetes, so I did what was expected of me and tried it anyways... I didn't rub hard and perhaps I thought, that was the problem, so I asked my handy dandy helper to try it. She did and the smooth away worked but, left her skin raw and irritated. I think she may have rubbed really hard....
All in all it works, but I am thinking waxing or shaving may be just as useful. It really depends on what you, the shave-e want to use. It's not a bad product and they don't mislead you at all, so I give it a thumbs up even if it's not for me!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Luckily FMB didn't send any to me to test - sounds a tad painful ..... and I'd need an industrial sized tub!!!!

Shinade said...

oh Judy I was so excited to see that i got sugar today.

And it's wonderful to read a post from you again. You are just so darn good!!

I have missed you so much. I love your review but I think I will just shave okay?

I have your number somewhere in one of my comments. I really will get around to calling soon.

It's just been plain nuts around here.

Walter home, Tornadoes, dog and cats to the vet.,me to the DR....yadayada...I know i have a ton excuses right?

But, i will call soon....thanks for the add on Facebook.

I haven't logged in for a few days because of our weather.

That's about it for now....except for a great big hug for you and Bella!!:-)

Erin said...

Ok.. to let you all know.. I did not push that hard.. and it left my lip raw and irritated, no lie for at least a week. It is not for me and I will stick with waxing! Love ya Mom!

Shinade said...

oh my Judy put away the smooth away and get out your sugar and join in with some of us in spreading some valentine's day love.

Hey at least pop over and see my new blog!!


fracas said...

Hey Judy.. you're such a card, always have a way to bring a smile to our faces.

I didn't get to try the product since they were only looking for U.S. trials, but from the sounds of your and Olga's reviews.. I might be better off shaving.

Glad to see you around again!