Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughts from the desk of Sugar......

OK, so I'm not as good at getting the posts out as I used to be. I'm so tired sometimes, I think I could fall asleep anywhere... well maybe NOT anywhere because, If I was on the floor, I couldn't fall asleep and I know that for a fact! I have been in a mood as of late, It's not bad, it's not good, It's just a mood. I am not unhappy nor am I jumping around singing Tra la la la either. I'm just in a mood. I have so much swirling around in my head that some days I just sit and think about all the great stuff I could write, then I sit here, at my desk and draw a blank.....
I wonder why and how that happens, I feel some days I'm wasting away to the dust I'll one day become. That's a shame for sure...
I'm one of the kinds of people that has to have a clean house to be creative. I have to have a comfortable chair to write and I have to have a smile on my face to be funny....
I can say with a straight face: that my house is clean, what I can't say is that: I'm happy with the degree of clean it is.
My computer desk chair broke a while back and I haven't came off the bucks to buy a new one sooooo my bum isn't to happy about the one I'm using lately LOL, that has allot to do with the fact I don't blog as much. I am eccentric at the very least when it comes to desk chairs, so the newest one out on the market just won't do! I have to have an older model that has the lived in look to feel comfy! I need to go to the local Goodwill Shop and look around, maybe a less picky person is getting rid of one of these babies and I can Score!
I try and keep the smile on my face as much as possible, but with my health issues and of course my Husbands, I have not had the good luck with that. The world and it's troubles worry me, the economy of course worries me, I mean really who isn't worried when you hear every single day more people are losing their jobs and gas prices are going up, etc. I still try and laugh because I think that alone makes things better! Life is hard, not just for me, but for all.
I worry that people don't think about their actions, such as the people having the super huge families while living on welfare, without one thought to the over population of the earth and her resources.... It bothers me when I read of parents killing their children, why I ask myself, I never once in all the hard times I've had, would I ever think of doing that! I just don't understand.
My Husband can't balance his check book- He's super good at math, so it shouldn't be a hard task. He refuses to accept that he has made a mathematical mishap! I, on the other hand, have no worries in this department as I have a whopping 5 bucks in mine LOL! I'm covered for sure!

Week of:February 14Th.....
I got the BEST gift for Valentines day! My Valentine gave me a gold chain with a heart pendant on it, the heart has a diamond in it! Drool ladies, I know I am LOL.
I am 50 years old/young it's the first time in my life anyone has given me a piece of jewelry for Valentines day... And it fits-Woot!
My Valentine also took me out to dinner and was exceptionally sweet all weekend.....
I also got a box of chocolates from my sweetie pie Son and a card! I hope your Valentines Day was as splendid as mine was!

OK I think I'm done ranting for this day! Hugs and SUGAR to YOU!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm with you on the chair thing. I've definitely got to sort one out. The TG has a lovely comfy one ..... oh well.

Do try and not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders - I know it's difficult not to though...

.... and your Valentine's Day sounds fantastic - puts me to shame - tee hee

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Oh Daddy P. Nothing could put you to shame and you know it, LOL! Thanks for being my NUMBER 1 comments man though! As far as the world and my shoulders, I try- that's about all I can do. <3 ya, Sugar

Shinade said...

Me too Judy with the chair. I would take a picture of it and post it if I wasn't ashamed of how worn out it is.

But, it fits and I love it. Walter bought me a new one as a surprise last year. But, it just didn't fit. So it's his now.

Wow and your Valentine's day does sound fantastic. Walter was gone so I spent the day here.

And to make it even worse it stormed all day again. So I couldn't even go online and send out happy wishes to my friends. So happy Belated Valentines to you.

And you know me well also. I too am very moody. Some times I can stay up blogging almost around the clock. All the while having fun.

Then there are days like this where I simply want to lie down and watch old movies all day.

I won't tell you not to worry okay? Be cause I am a worrier too and I know nothing helps. That's just the way I was made.

I am sending you one great big cyber hug though!!!



SlogBite said...

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