Sunday, July 29, 2007

My name written in Arabic.....

There is a really cool Blog out there with a very nice author. The Blog is called My name in Arabic
Her name is Reem and I think She is a wonderfully giving person to show us the beauty of her Language.
Reem is a freelance translator. So if you need Arabic translation just contact her at her email, I'm sure the fee is reasonable. She translates from English and French to Arabic and I'm sure the other way around....
Reem will write your name in Arabic if you request it. You must tell her how it sounds not just how its wrote, the end result will indeed show you just how Beautiful the Arabic Language written is. My Name is Judy and my name wrote in Arabic is :

My Daughters name is Erin and it is wrote this way.....
Go ahead over and let her show you your name written in one of the most beautiful written languages I have ever saw.....
Thank you Reem,


EllorionsAngel said...

It is beautiful!
Thank You for getting mine done to Mom!

I love you!

Reem said...

Thanks lot for this wonderful entry. I appreciate it a lot.

Let me just remind your readers that I offer the service of writing your name (or even names) for free. :)


Sugar Queens Dream said...

Yes,there was another comment that I let slip by but, decided it wasn't fair to our Reem, so I deleted it. I ordinarily don't delete comments because I feel its a right to have an opinion but this was a advertisement type comment.. This post is about her and the generous gift she gives us by translating our name in Arabic for free.... So to the commenter,I'm sorry but I had to take your comment down.... This isn't about advertising it's about the Blog "My Name in Arabic" and its Author, Reem, period.

Erin, Your Welcome sweety but I honestly found it over at Reems Blog and decided I would copy it for you but then Reem being the sweet person she is, She sent it also with my name translation!

Reem, I thank you for your sweetness and generosity! I always like to promote Blogs I find worthy,yours is....

Reem said...

Hello Judy,

I saw that comment, or rather ad ;), but I wasn't bothered by it. They definitely don't offer the same service as my blog, so no worries. And even if they do, competition (if any) is good. :)

Thanks a lot for your sweet words Judy. You're the best!

Could you have any other names you want to see in Arabic, you know whom to ask. :)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Reem, I'm new to all this stuff. so, as silly as it sounds, I NEVER thought that was an advertisement LOL..... I should have guessed it was when the first words were I translate to check us out!LOL LOL

Reem said...

Hello Judy,

I guess I became addicted to your blog. :) I sometimes don't know what to say, commenting your entries, but I do come around and check most of them.

Keep up blogging! You certainly don't look like a newbie. :)