Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's time to work again....

I have accepted a position at Winn Dixie in the Bakery Department. So I'm gonna be going back to work in the public again. I am nervous, mostly because I hope I can keep up the pace. I like to bake and always have, but I have made cakes, pies and cookies for Friends and family mostly so I have not had to keep up a fast pace. I did do some sales this last year during the holiday season and it liked to have kill me, but I'm thinking with the bigger ovens and mixers this might be easier.
Anyway, I also worry that I wont be able to keep my blogging regular, so forgive me if I fall behind. I will try to get in and do somewhat of regular posting.... Don't worry I wont stop Blogging because I love it so much. I need Medical Insurance and this will provide that. I also need the extra income and so this will also fulfill that.
I think I'm a good enough decorator to make a living at it so I'm spreading my wings and taking a chance that I will succeed!

I like it

ok with a little moving around of the candy i am finally happy enough to deliver.

spring cake

end veiw

Benjerman and Jeslyns Cake

Dad's Bday cake 2006

So as you can see, I can decorate cakes ..... I just have to find the self confidence it takes to work at a fast pace and also in myself.....
Until I see you again : Let your drool begin......


Tish said...

Beautiful cakes! You are very talented! And congratulations on the new job! I'm so happy that you'll be able to get insurance now! :)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Thank You Tish, I just hope I can do it,My legs are giving me fits lately.

Not a Granny said...

Those are amazing cakes! I greatly admire anyone who can decorate cakes, mine always look like I dropped it or something. :)

Good luck with the new job!

darlene said...

wow as a former cake decorator!!....i say WOW again...these are fabo!!...wtg!!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

NAG and Darlene, TY for the comments!

fracas said...

Judy you are awesome at this.. like I've said ten hundred million times before. ;-)

I kept checking your blog even when you were gone for eons.. so doncha worry about losing your fans. You won't.

Hugs to you!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

TY Fracas! I heart you !