Monday, November 12, 2007

Be the Blog award....

I received yet another Award....
I remember back when I started Blogging, I didn't even have a clue of where this was gonna take me. I thought of it as a way to network my cakes and the fun things I cook. After some time and thought, I decided it [my blog] should take another form, So I started Blogging about my life..... I started thinking about whether my life, past or present, is worth reading about, I mean another persons life just wouldn't seem to be something worth reading, But By golly, a heck of a lot of you, want to do just that, read about my life.... So my Blog has taken off in ways I never thought possible, I have won loads of awards , I have been given reviews and they were good. I guess reading the everyday and the not so everyday stuff about me is interesting...
So I guess what I'm saying, is that this award is really perfect for me, because you really have to
BE* THE* BLOG in order for the blog to have an effect on people.
My dear Friend Jackie at The Painted Veil awarded me with this, I think Jackie is probably one of a small hand full of people that saw something worth taking a second look at in my Blog and continued to return even when I got sluggish and veg out. So Jackie , Thank You for this award! It means more to me than you know because I feel you really have to *Be The Blog* in order for it to succeed!
I would like to award the following Blogger's that I feel really deserve this :

Homeless Family Blog and Life onwards
I think John's incredible journey of being homeless with a family in tow and then making it off the streets into the flow of life again is powerful and it's worth reading. I think that his life experiences make it possible for him to *Be The Blog*

First Time Dad-
What a wonderful Blog this is, I love reading the things Eddie chit chats about, His Beautiful Daughter.His Wife and his Life. He is another Blogger that is able to *Be The Blog* through the things he writes about.

Diary of a 70steen
This is a very simple, but effective Blog. I love the fact that she uses bullets and makes the Blog interesting with her every day life, 70's teen is also able to * Be The Blog*

So, there's my choices for the *Be The Blog* award, I hope YOU decide to Be The Blog also not for the award but because ,I have so, changed my opinion of Blogging and have learned so much about life just because I tend to :
PEACE-Be the solution NOT the problem


Adrian said...

SQD, Thank you so much! Yesterday I received this from Jackie and it really made me feel good to know that I'm doing something right...and now you giving this to me just makes me feel even better! :) I am really happy!
Congrats to you too and your nominees! :)


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Congrats Sugar! We are BeTheBlog Sistahs!