Thursday, May 08, 2008

So, sue me,really....

Sissy in the swing, she loves it! Right!

Ok, so I sit here trying to select where to begin.... I know I said Monday to everyone and then here it is late Wednesday and I am just now getting around to sitting down and resting just a little! I don't know where to begin or what silly story to start with. So many things have been up lately. I am so brain dead at the moment, I could literally laugh hysterically out loud right now, and I am totally alone..... Well not totally, I do have the very talented Miss B here.

My Swimming pool baby~~

She was asleep and so I am using the lap top. She woke up just as I was thinking about what to write in my post. I decided to visit a few blogs for some inspiration so I popped into Miss Jackie's Painted Veil, ( Miss Jackie you have the best music!) when Bella woke up and heard Jackie's music start playing , well y'all don't know it but Miss B LOVES music and will dance baby type dances all night or day if you will turn on some tunes.... All I can say here is she is still boogieing LOL.. She has my right hip and leg occupied , so much that it is falling asleep....

I would like to say "Welcome home" to Jackie's Son In Law, Bill. He just came home from the war and I am grateful for Men like him, who give it all! I am sure you are just plain happy to be safe and home in your Families love and arms.....

OK so now its Thursday Miss B has went home and I am finally getting to finish this. Lots of things have happened since I posted so very long ago, for one Georg and Will have went to do a job in Alabama so I am home alone, I have never lived alone so this is all new for me. I like it, is that so bad to say? I have been cleaning my house, the really clean, the one where you can have a white Glover come run her glove on any thing and there will be NO dust or grime... It's been a long time since I could say my house was this clean. I have a few things to do and it will be done then I can play till Saturday the 17Th. when the boys come in for a 2 day visit and then they are off again....
It's quiet here but I am in hog heaven, I have the frilly stuff all out and its a girls house! I even put smelly candles around to make it smell purty.... LOL

A few weeks ago I got new living room furniture, it was raining when they brought it home. The door was open and the wind blew it shut, well I had just placed my right hand on the knob when it flew open and hit my hand pretty hard. I am sure I got a broken pointer finger, because I could not close my finger for weeks. It was also very swollen for a weeks or so. And it hurt( boo hoo) That was on a Saturday. The next Saturday I was slicing tomatoes and decided the knives needed sharpening, so my Son Will did the job for me. (he is also the one who kicked the door open) Lets say this: the knife slipped I cut my left pointer finger near off. SO I then had 2 pointer fingers, both unusable one week to the day..... Yes I am a klutz

I have been growing tomatoes! I have my first tomato almost ripe, I am waiting with bated breaths! I have not grown my own tomatoes in 25 or more years so this is turning out to be well worth my efforts! I have 25 or so tomatoes almost grown enough to eat! yippee~~ I am making a loaf of bread when they are ready- tomato Sammy's here we come!
Miss B and her back pack, She carries her toys and her monies in it. What a Gran Grand Daughter she is, I so love her. I think being a grand parent to her and a parent to my Kids is probably the greatest thing I have ever accomplished...really!Miss B with her monies and her Princess cell phone....
I would like to take this time to thank each of you who have: emailed me, sent me best wishes and I miss yous, who have fueled me, who have just plain loved me and gave a damn about what or where I was...
Thank you
OK so this is the longest I have sat still in 4 days and I have to get back to cleaning house... I will post again soon!

I'm pourin the sugar on you, one granule at a time....


Daddy Papersurfer said...

...... and you couldn't put your fingers in pies either!
Still, everything is looking fine from out here with Bella an' all. Good.
[Blimey your tomatoes are early compared with this side of the pond!]

Pete said...

Great looking pup (and swimming pool baby)!

Here's to a quick recovery; there's not much worse than injuring your pointer fingers...I sliced mine open cutting potatoes recently. Doh!

-The Rev.

Not a Granny said...

Bella is such a sweety. Love the picture with the back pack.

Lady, be careful with your fingers. My you know how hard it is to pick up dimes without pointer fingers??

Glad things are settling down!

70steen said...

there is something really nice about being home a lone at times ... no distractions, eat when you want to eat, eat what you want to eat and generally a 'please yourself' state of mind. It does the soul good. So sorry though to hear of your accident , it sounds very painful
Hope you are doing ok

catscratch diva said...

Your pictures of Lil B are always precious and priceless!

I've been running in circles lately myself and miss getting around as often as I used to!

I'm hoping you're ok after the accident and that you're able to take everything ONE THING AT A TIME!!


Shinade said...

Oh Judy,
She is just stunning. And you tell MissB that I am so happy she liked the music.

Oh and thank you so much for adding in about Bill. I go again.

I would have been by earlier...but, of course, I have been asleep since noon.

Great...yet another all nighter because I slept all day...and, the cycle continues.

Oh I am so glad you are back!!! you were one missed lady. And keep your fingers away from things that bite,snap or slice...okie dokie?

XX'S for you and Bella!! exciting...Yayyyyy!!!!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Daddy P, Thanks for thinking of pie. I lurv pie and would be down right pie-ssd if I couldn't do one- I mean make one. Yes make one!
Hugs and lurv~~

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Rev, Thanks for leaving me a comment! I love reading your stuff and will visit soon... well yes, soon!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

NAG, I love that you still come visit even when I'm a big bad girl and don't return the thoughts. You are one in a million!
Hugs, Sugar~~

Sugar Queens Dream said...

70's, I am loving it for the most part. There are times when I don't but hey thats the way it has to be right now. soon enough they will return and I'll be bitchin about them taking another away job!
Hugs babe, Sugar~~

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Diva(said in a bubbly voice), sweet cheeks, I have missed you! Come visit, we can go sing~~
Hugs, Sugar

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Jackie, I swear she was rocking out like no other time. She danced and sung( well baby babble) I was so in love just watching her!
As for Bill, well not a problem. I AM thankful and so happy he is HOME!
Love, J